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Quick Tip: How to Create Fun Spirographs and Fractals

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  1. A. S. Z. says:

    Nice and easy enough.

  2. Junaid Khan says:

    I’ve surf many webs for best and easy tricks. This is one of the most top website for tuts.

  3. Shamaz says:

    where is the vector path option in photoshop and how to de select it and how to create only outlines of the shape………. I use CS5 portable version

    1. Nicky says:

      They’re using cs6. cs5 doesn’t have the option to make vectors into their own shapes.

  4. Ali Nejatbakhsh says:

    very lovely and fun.tank you very much

  5. matty says:

    hears a nother fun way to make fractals in photoshop

  6. deegrafix says:

    What is the name of this program

    1. Ryan Green says:

      -_- Photoshop… Duh!

  7. MNnic says:

    Do people a favor and test your tutorials next time. The ellipse rotation tutorial gives indeed the result that we see in the screenshot, but once you press ENTER, everything inside disappears and what is left is only the outline of that image.

    1. Photoshop Tutorials Editor says:

      Thanks for the tip! You need to have your vector paths deselected. We updated the instructions to make it more clear.

    2. PJ says:

      Great tutorial but I too always end up with the outline of the image.

  8. Clark says:

    You can do this in Illustrator too. Press CMD-D or record action.

  9. phuongle says:

    dowlott hom

  10. Lady Lilith BloodCrave says:

    Nice. The effect of a simple pattern can be really amazing.

    thank you for sharing,

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