How to Create a Colorful Text Design in Photoshop

How to Create a Colorful Text Design in Photoshop
Then I added some more segments.
Lock the transparency and apply color.
As you can see this time I made a selection to apply color in a new layer despite using the existing layer below. But it will add some extra layers. However There is no definite way to go about this. The whole process is intuitive than a set of predefined steps. Basically we are adding darker and lighter tones to give depth to the letters.
Adding some interesting shapes. Here I drew an oval, filled with a nice pink and deleted the portion I don't want.
Continue to add more details
Use Pen Tool to create similar shape.
Here I added sharp highlight filled with white.
Now we have pretty much completed the first letter. But the letter shape is still too defined. We need to induce some randomness that will give character to it. Make a selection on the edge and fill it with solid color. Don't make a perfect selection keep it a bit irregular. Lock the transparency of the layer and add more shades. Keep these layers out of the clipped stack.
Let's move on the next letter in order.
Here I recolored the piece which I wasn't satisfied with. Lock the transparency and press Alt+Backspace to fill the color.
More shades and details.
Work on the Edges.
Let's finish the final letter.

Step 5 : Creating Vector Line Work

That's fine so far. The text is perfectly made up. Now we can add some line work to it using Illustrator. To do this save a copy of our image as JPEG. Open it in Illustrator. Lock the image layer in the Layers palette. Crete a New layer above the image.
Now create the blends. Use Pen Tool to draw the lines. Pick different colors for each of the lines that will give a nice transformation between the two colors. Select the lines and hit Ctrl+Alt+B to create blend. To edit the blend settings, double click on the blend tool. Pick any color that looks good.
Create blends for the remaining letters.
We now need to take the blends into Photoshop. Copy and paste each piece separately as Smart Objects.
To hide any part add layer mask select the area and fill the selection with black.
Or place it in the clipping stack below the layer that is supposed to be on top.
Bring in rest of the blend objects. that finishes the text part.

Step 6 : Bakcground

Create a new layer below the text and fill the gradient using Gradient Tool.
Create a new layer above the background and choose Filter > Render > Clouds. Press 'D' key before applying the filter to reset the colors to default. Change the blend mode to "Soft light".
I don't like the clouds to appear all over. Hide the clouds at the center using Layer Mask.
Drop in the coffee stain image (1.JPEG in the pack). Place it below the Text.
Now double click on the layer thumbnail. This will present you the Layer Style box. First change the blend mode to "Screen" On the same box you will find "Blend If" section. This is where all is going to happen. We have two Blend sliders there we can adjust. We need to adjust the "This Layer" slider. Hold the "Alt" key, click on the white color handle and drag it away from the edge. This will blend the texture into the background nicely.

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