How to Create a Colorful Text Design in Photoshop

How to Create a Colorful Text Design in Photoshop
Duplicate the layer if the result is not strong enough. Mask out unwanted any areas.
Drop in the nebula stock image. Place it above the coffee stain texture. There is a big white spot in the image. Hide it using Layer Mask. Then change the blend mode to "Screen".

Step 7 : Adding More Elements

Add some glowing highlights to the text using the Brush Tool. Create a new layer above the text and use brush tool to add the highlights. Modify the brush width and angle in the Brushes palette.
Let's spice up the composition quickly by adding wings to the text. Drop in the wing stock image. Resize and reposition it.
We don't need any color information in the wing. We need only the form of the wing. So press Ctrl+U to open the Hue/Saturation box. Bring down the lightness all the way to -100.
Apply Gradient using the Layer Styles box. You may use the below settings.
Duplicate the wing and flip it horizontally. Before flipping it you need to merge down the effect, create a blank layer above the duplicated wing and select both layers, hit Ctrl+E.
We have little more work in Illustrator. Most of the time I prefer to create my own design elements rather than using brushes. This will give the work some character and signature. Here I created two simple elements in Illustrator. Then I recolored them.
Now we are going to create a brush in illustrator. Use the Line Tool to create the lines. Set the stroke weight to 20 points. Stack them in the below manner with no gap between the lines.
Open the Brushes Palette (F5). Select all the lines and drag them into the palette. In the subsequent dialogue box choose New Art Brush and press Ok. This will give you Brush Option box and confirm it to finish the process.
Let's put our brush to use. Create a curve using the Pen Tool. Select the line and apply our new brush to it. That's fine. Now expand the stroke, choose Object>Expand Appearance. Now the strokes are separated, ungroup them. Recolor them using the Colors palette.
Bring it as Smart Object. Here I place it above "I". Then mixed it smoothly using mask.
Give the composition a bit more extra depth. Pick the round brush with 100% hardness. Play with Scattering and Color Dynamics settings. And spray some particles. Keep it minimal and subtle.
Now create a custom butterfly brush. As I mentioned earlier this will give it a personal touch. First load the butterfly stock image into Photoshop. Isolate the butterfly from the background using Color Range command. Go to Select>Color Range. Pick the background color to make a selection.
You need to invert the selection (Ctrl+Shift+I) because we selected the background not the butterfly. Then pressCtrl+J (Layer via copy). Now we have the butterfly isolated. Turn off the background layer. Load Hue/Saturation box and remove the lightness.
Make selection using Marquee Tool. Go to Edit>Define Brush Preset. Click Ok to confirm.
Let's put the brush to use.
Switch back to Illustrator for the last time. Create some simple lines using the Blend Tool. Change the stroke color to white. Copy and paste into Photoshop.
After you reposition it right click on the layer and choose Rasterize Layer option to rasterize the layer. Apply a little Gaussian Blur.
Blend smoothly.
Create a light streak. Follow the picture below.
Add text.
Bring in the paint texture (aqueous_sun_textures_v2_031.JPEG). Rotate it and resize to cover the entire canvas. Perform all the transformations in one shot. Otherwise you will lose the sharpness.

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