Interview with Digital Artist Oana Cambrea

Interview with Digital Artist Oana Cambrea
Interview with Digital Artist Oana Cambrea

Oana Cambrea is a digital artist extraordinaire. She explores different thoughts and emotions and translates them into bizarre and intriguing works of art. She is known for the strange yet captivating characters that she incorporates in her work. Explore more of the inner workings of Oana's creative mind in this interview.

Can you tell us more about yourself? What influenced you to become an artist?

Well there isn't that much to say. I'm your regular 25 year-old person who has a job, doesn't speak much and is rather boring at times. When I was a child I used to draw a lot, also liked to paint and I think I got the virus from my father who has great drawing skills and went to the Architecture School. So, I could say he was the one who influenced me without knowing that he did. Now he looks at my images without really liking them. He can't understand why I don't create something "beautiful". J


Why digital art? How did you get into this art genre?

Honestly, it was out of curiosity and thanks to a highschool mate who was into photography and editing. Let's say he guided my first steps into this digital world. My first contact with photomanipulation was via deviantArt. It determined me to start working in Photoshop and make my own ideas come to life. Why digital art? That's an odd question, haha. Why not digital art? It's still art but in a different medium. Having tried both traditional and digital art, I found the digital side of it more appealing. Plus, I think digital art offers more than traditional art does, you can explore more and you have so many tools that you can use to achieve amazing effects. You can also combine digital and traditional art. You'd be amazed what one can come up with.


Other artists you admire?

Ah...that's a hard question to answer to because there are so many artists I look up to. Some of them are my friends and critics, like Mario Sanchez and Matei Apostolescu, some I haven't had a chance to talk to yet, like Misha Gordin. I also love Dali's works. Some people say my images resemble his which is very flattering, I have to admit. I just don't do that on purpose, I don't copy his style like some might think. It just comes naturally. J

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