10 Important Tips to Improve Composition in Your Photos

10 Important Tips to Improve Composition in Your Photos

S curve

S Curve is an imaginary line in a photo that is in the shape of an S. This type of line makes photos look more interesting by adding motion guiding the viewers eye in the shape of an S. S curve can also be used in posing to improve the appearance of the models figure.
Highway with s curve
An example of a highway with an S curve. This photo of a simple scenery is made more interesting with the S curve.
Highway without s curve
A similar photo of a highway but without the S curve is less dynamic.
Scuplture pose with S curve
S curve can also be used in posing. The earliest examples of S curve can be found in Greek and Roman sculptures.


Most photos have a middleground and a background but very little foreground. You can improve your landscapes photos significantly by including some foreground objects. This is a great technique for creating a sense of scale and making the viewer feel like he/she is in the photo.
Landscape with rocks in the foreground
The rocks in this landscape photo gives the photo a sense of depth and scale.
Landscape with more foreground
Adding more foreground to the photo creates the feeling being there.

Fill the frame

When you think you’re close enough to the subject, try going closer. Fill most of the frame with the subject and you got another composition.
Two variations of the same subject created just by filling the frame
Getting closer and filling the frame with the wolfs head gives more emphasis to the wolf and creates more drama. Both photos are of the same wolf but the story it tells is completely different.


Here’s a creative way to add a foreground to your photos! Use elements around you to create a picture frame of the subject. This technique is a great way of adding interest and making a photo stand out from the rest.
Taj Mahal framed
This photo uses a silhouette to create a frame around the Taj Mahal.
Using trees to frame the winter landscape
Frames don’t have to stand out or be perfectly shaped. They can be natural like the two trees in this image.

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  1. Making sure there is a foreground and trying to find a natural frame for some of the compositions will add so much to my pictures!

  2. Hi, thanks for your tips. some of the tips i had hear the difficulty is to think in all when you are shooting...

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