Create an Hourglass in Photoshop

Create an Hourglass in Photoshop

Step 8

Again double click on the "Glass lower" to open the Layer Style window. In the left side Blending Option: Custom should be selected, which is the first category. In the right side check Blend Interior Effects as Group. Then reduce the Fill Opacity to 35%. By checking this option we are ensuring that reduction of Fill Opacity will not effect the layer style opacity. This will give the glass a transparent look. Do the same for "Glass upper" layer.


Step 9

Select both "Glass upper" and "Glass lower" layers. Then Layer > New > Group from Layers. Rename the group to "Glass upr + lwr".


Step 10

Click on the Background layer and create a new layer on top of it by clicking the Create a new layer button in the Layers Panel. Name this new layer "Bg grd" then double click on it to open the Layer Style window. Match the layer style settings from the images below. First the Inner Shadow.


Inner Glow settings:


Gradient Overlay settings:


Step 11

Click on the "Glass upr + lwr" group and expand it by again clicking on the arrow at the left side. Now CTRL-click on "Glass upper" layer to select. Collapse the group by again clicking on the arrow. Layer > New > Group to create a new group on top of that. Rename this group to "Glass upr highlights + shadows". Click on Create a new layer button in the Layers Panel to create a new layer within this group. Rename this layer to "Glass upper shadow edge 1". Fill this layer with Black (#000000).


Step 12

Selection still active, Select > Modify > Contract. Type 2 pixels in the Contract by field the click OK. Again Select > Modify > Feather and type 2 pixels in the Feather Radius field then click OK.


Step 13

Press Delete key to delete the selected area. The Feather is creating a nice fading effect from the edge.Change the layer opacity to 30


Step 14

Again CTRL-click on "Glass upper" layer to select. Then create new layer on top of "Glass upper shadow edge 1" with the name "Glass upper shadow edge 2". Select > Modify > Contract with a value of 6 pixels.


Step 15

Then Select > transform Selection. Drag the top and bottom middle handle of the Bounding Box to elongate the selection.


Step 16

Fill the selection with Black (#000000). Then Select > Modify > Contract with a value of 4 pixels. Delete by pressing DELETE key. Then Filter > Blur> Gaussian Blur and set radius as 2 pixels. Reduce layer opacity to 20.


Step 17

Add a layer mask to the "Glass upper shadow edge 1" layer by clicking on the Add Layer Mask button in the layers panel. Select a soft brush with black color and 50% opacity. Then paint within the mask to hide the top and bottom edges.


Step 18

Add a similar type of layer mask to the "Glass upper shadow edge 2" layer also.


Step 19

Go back to the "Glass upper" layer. Add a Layer Mask like the image below to hide lower portion of the glass upper neck.


Step 20

Follow same process for "Glass lower" layer.


Step 21

Create a new layer named "Glass highlight upr sides" on top of the "Glass upper shadow edge 2" layer. Follow same technique like the edge shadow and create the white color shape within the shape of the "Glass upper shadow edge" layer. Experiment with the Contract and Blur filter. Remember that matching the exact shape is not the objective here. When you like the shape then add a layer mask to hide the top and bottom edges.Finally, Change the layer opacity to 30%.

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  2. I am stuck with step 11.when i make that new layer ''glass upper shadow edge 1'' ,i can't fill it with black,but i don't know why . Can anybody help me with that?

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