How to Draw a Cute Pirate Character in Photoshop

How to Draw a Cute Pirate Character in Photoshop
How to Draw a Cute Pirate Character in Photoshop

Step 33

Next, gradually, choose a darker color to paint the shadow. Create a new layer and create clipping mask then name it "Shadow 2". Use #d69e7b for this second shadow. And don't forget to set "multiply" blending mode and paint like before. You can use 20% for brush's opacity in order to get thicker shadow.


Step 34

Like before, paint the third shadow on these particular areas with darker color (use #c27545) on a new clipping masked layer with "multiply" blending mode. Set thicker opacity and you may adjust the size of the brush to suit your need. On this step you can add facial wrinkle to impress fierce expression.


Step 35

You also need to add the darkest shadow (you can use black) near the headband and eye's cover because those areas are darker than others. And after that, add the highlights on a new clipping masked layer with "screen" blending mode. Paint softly using #ebbda1 on these areas which shown by yellow arrows at the right picture below.


Step 36

To add depth to the mouth, create a new clipping masked layer in front of mouth's layer. Paint soft black shadow with soft round Brush Tool (B), low opacity and 0% hardness.


Step 37

Add details for the headband like previous steps. Use "Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + N" to create a new layer above the headband's layer. Then create clipping mask and choose multiply blending mode. Give name for this new layer "Shadow 1" and prepare your Brush Tool (B). Use soft round type, low opacity and 0% hardness. You can increase or decrease the size of brush according your needs. Start to paint on right and left parts because there are no much lights reach those parts. And paint on the other part if you want to make a curve so that it will seen as if it's a bent object. Paint with #a42335. Then use a darker color (#940c1f) to paint on a new clipping masked layer. Next, use #770213. And use soft black for the darkest areas.


Step 38

Then give the highlight area using #a42335 on a clipping masked layer with "screen" blending mode.


Step 39

For these parts you can only add shadows.


Step 40

Next, paint soft white for the highlight of the eye's cover. Of course on a new clipping masked layer.


Step 41

Create new layer above beard, mustache and hair. Activate Brush Tool (B) and choose "Dune Grass" brush. Open brush's window (F5) and enter following setting.


Set foreground color to black and background color to #2a2b2b. Use 100% opacity and paint like this. You can adjust the brush size and its flip as you need.


Step 42

For the hat, add its highlight area on the front part. Use #2a2a2a and #555555 color. Remember to set your brush to "Soft Round".


Step 43

Do the same way for the back part.


Step 44

And for its hem, add #b47b02 on a clipping masked layer. Use "multiply" blending mode for its shadow and "screen" for its highlight.


Step 45

Next for the belt, use #a42335. Also use "multiply" blending mode for its shadow and "screen" for its highlight.


Step 46

For the white shirt, you just need to add shadow. Use #d8d8d8, #b3b3b3 and #818181 with "multiply" blending mode.


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  1. Great tutorial thanks for sharing .pls we need more of this,and little more details on reasons for choice of colours

  2. It is hard for me to comprehend the detail that is needed for this to go through photoshop.

  3. hello guys! i'm new on photoshop and i having trouble at textures in step 19, can anyone tell more details about this step? thanx! :)

    1. Go to layer palette, put your cursor on the black "front part" of the hat, click to activate it. Then Create a new layer using "Ctrl+Shift+N". Fill it with black, and then create clipping mask using “Ctrl + Alt + G”. Click menu "Filter > Sketch > Chalk & Charcoal" and set like the example.

  4. Great tutorial, can't wait to try it. Thank you so much for putting so much work and effort into making it clear.
    Happy Photoshoping,

  5. It wasn't as hard as it initially felt like it would be. Thank you for the another amazing tutorial, might pass this on to some of my game dev friends :)

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