Create an Amazing CG Illustration of The Incredible Hulk

Create an Amazing CG Illustration of The Incredible Hulk
Create an Amazing CG Illustration of The Incredible Hulk

Step 8

Change the brush color to #314305 and start adding shadows. Reduce the size of brush to create shadows in face, eyes, neck, etc.


Step 9

Create a new layer and add some dark shadows to the character for this set your brush color to #001500 and paint some shadows around eyes, chin area, ears, neck. Avoid using pure black or white or pure green color for better results.


Step 10

Set your brush color to #768a4e and add some lights to your character. Change your brush size where needed that would speed your process. Create several layers while coloring that would give you a control on your process and you can go back at any time if something goes wrong.


Step 11 Blending colors

Next step is blending of colors, but before we start we need to tweak our brush a little to get desired results. Open brush panel by pressing key 'F5' and set "Opacity Jitter" to "Pen Pressure" by its drop-down menu.


Do not change "Flow Jitter" which is turned off because both options are different and used for different purpose. Opacity Jitter allows you to control your stroke opacity on your pen pressure so that you can blend your colors perfectly, but if you use 'Flow Jitter' then you won't get sufficient control on opacity and hence may not get perfect blending. Here you can see the difference between strokes made by using "Opacity Jitter" & "Flow Jitter".


Step 12

So now you have your brush with "Opacity Jitter" set to "Pen Pressure" and we are ready to go. Keep your brush selected, re-sample color by pressing ALT key to quickly get color picker tool and start mixing colors because you have turned "Opacity Jitter" to "pen pressure" your brush stroke would have less opacity when you press lighter and higher opacity when you put more pressure pen. This means your brush stroke will have transparency and your brush color will mix with background color and you will get a new color whenever you make a new stroke on any color. Pick the new color you got from your stroke and then make another stroke then again pick new color. Continue with blending by re-sampling colors.


Step 13

Repeat step 12 and blending lights in the character. Change your brush size to get perfect blending in narrow areas like ears, eyes, etc.


Step 14

Blend shadows by repeating step 12. This will give volume to your character. Change your brush sizes whenever necessary to get perfectly blended character.


Step 15

You left some dark shadows in the character that would also need to be blended. Reduce the size of your brush and blend the dark shadows near eyes, chin, neck and ears. Don't forget to do all this work in a new layer so that you can go back if something goes wrong.


Step 16 Adding Light Source

We have completed our basic blending of character and to now we will add light to the character. Before starting painting lights to the character, we will add light source to the scene. A light source will give you an idea about which direction your light is going to fall on the character and how it will affect your scene.


Step 17 Shadows

Based on light your shadows will fall in opposite direction of light source. In our scene shadow will fall on left side of character. Proper shadows gives the character a natural look. If you add shadows to everywhere, then your scene may not look natural.

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    1. What are you stuck with? If you're using a mouse, the pen pressure won't work. So you'll need to adjust the brush opacity manually.

  1. Ye bina Pen Tablet ke kaise draw hongi starting lines, Please jaldi batana mujhe ek Digital Painting jaldi banani hai.

  2. WoW! Thanks so much for the tutorial and specially the PSD file. I learnt a lot more than any other tutorial.

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