Create an Amazing CG Illustration of The Incredible Hulk

Create an Amazing CG Illustration of The Incredible Hulk
Create an Amazing CG Illustration of The Incredible Hulk

Step 46

Now we will add smooth to the skin to remove roughness. Select the "smoothing" brush, change its color to #081603 and brush the cheek, neck, wrinkles, nose to highlight the expression.


Step 47

Now we will add smooth blending to the character skin. Select smudge tool by pressing N and press 'F5' to access brush panel. Select a brush of size 20 pixels, hardness 0% and spacing 25%. Set scattering to 38% and count to three then go to transfer and set 'flow jitter' to pen pressure. Don't forget to turn smoothing ON. Save the brush and rename it to "blending".


Step 48

Press Ctrl + A, to select whole canvas and go to "Edit" and click to "Copy Merged". You can access this command by pressing Shift + Ctrl + C. Now paste it in a new layer, select "Smudge Tool" and select the "blending" brush that you created in previous step. Start blending to smooth then skin and get perfect skin texture.


Step 49 - Adding hairs to eyebrow

In this step we will paint hairs to the eyebrow of the character. For this, select "smoothing" brush, change its size to 2 pixels and color #0a100d and paint hairs in the eyebrow. Change the brush color to #172018 and add highlights in the hair of eyebrow. Next, change the size of brush to 10 pixels and add smoothing to the edge of eyebrow.


Step 50

Download the "Blur's good brush 4.0 pro" and load the brush set to brush panel and select "Silk brush - 1". Change the brush color to #090d11 and size 50 pixels and paint the hairs in the character.


Step 51

Select "Hair - fine" brush from "Blur's good brush 4.0 pro" brush collection, change brush color to #505e6d and paint fine hair details in the character. Change brush sizes when needed to give hairs a realistic look.


Step 52

Now we will fine-tune our character. Select a soft brush and fine-tune the shadows to get perfect shadow in the character. Fine-tune the character's muscles and chest. Change the color of brush where needed and avoid 100% saturated colors and pure black color.


Step 53

Select a soft brush of size 40 pixels and color #9aad6d and fine-tune the lights to the character.


Step 54 - Adding texture to skin

Now we will add texture to the skin of character. For this, select "Concrete - 2" brush, change the brush color to #bdbaac and start adding details to the skin of the character. Change the brush color to #394c16 and add dark texture to balance the skin texture. Reduce the texture layer opacity to 80% if needed.


Step 55

After adding texture, you may need to mask the extra texture details from some areas because skin texture is not even at all areas. Select the texture layer and click on "layer mask" icon in layer panel to add the mask. Select a soft round brush with opacity 40%, press D to set background & foreground color to black & white and mask the excess texture details from the skin.


Step 56

Select "Concrete - 2" brush and change the brush color to #b4b3a2. Now add lights to the skin of the character.


Step 57

Repeat the step 56 and add more lights to the character to give it a natural look. Your character will look like this.


Step 58

Our character looks monotonous in green color hence we will add some warm colors to add life to the character. Select a soft brush of color #cbc129 and add warm colors to the character. Change the blending style of layer to "color" and rename this layer to "warm color".

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    1. What are you stuck with? If you're using a mouse, the pen pressure won't work. So you'll need to adjust the brush opacity manually.

  1. Ye bina Pen Tablet ke kaise draw hongi starting lines, Please jaldi batana mujhe ek Digital Painting jaldi banani hai.

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