Create an Amazing CG Illustration of The Incredible Hulk

Create an Amazing CG Illustration of The Incredible Hulk
Create an Amazing CG Illustration of The Incredible Hulk

Step 18

Select a round brush with size 50 pixels and hardness 75%. Press F5 to access brush panel, set "Opacity Jitter" to "Pen Pressure". Change the brush color to #041b00 and paint shadows below neck area.


Step 19

Paint some more shadows on face too to make it realistic. Reduce your brush size to 30 pixels and add shadows to the left ear, cheek, etc. Change the brush size when necessary to get desired shadows.


Step 20

Change your brush size to 50 pixels color to #030602 and add some dark shadows to the character.


Step 21

We have added sufficient shadows to the character, but you will notice that the brush strokes visible in character. To fix that we will smooth the blending we did in previous steps. Select a soft round brush of size 50 pixels and opacity to 70%. Open brush panel by pressing "F5" and set "Opacity Jitter" & "Flow Jitter" to "Pen Pressure". Turn "Smoothing" ON and set "Spacing" to 11%. Save this brush with name "Smooth blending brush".


Step 22

Now select the brush you created in last step and start smooth blending by repeating step 12. With your soft brush you will get perfectly smooth blending.


Step 23

Repeat step 22 and smooth all other parts of the character. Pay more attention while smoothing small details like face, ears, eyes, etc. Avoid over smoothing because if you smooth too much, you may lose some finer details in character.


Step 24

Now it's time to add some fine details in face including wrinkles, edges, etc. Turn off your sketch layer, set your brush size to 2 pixels and set your "opacity jitter" to "pen pressure". Save this brush and rename it to "Sketch brush". Change your brush color to #142406 and start adding details to the nose of character.


Step 25

Similarly add details below eyes and smooth the details where necessary, change your brush size whenever needed to get better features in the face of character. Don't forget to set Opacity Jitter to pen pressure in your brush setting. This is important and would be used everywhere so keep the brush setting same as in this step and use it in this tutorial instead a default brush.


Step 26

Repeat the step 25 & 26 to add the rest details in the character. Change the brush size and color whenever necessary and smooth with a soft brush to get rid of hard brush strokes. After adding all details your result will look like this.


Step 27

Now we will add details in eyes for this, select sketch brush with opacity jitter set to pen pressure. Change its color to #051102 and size to 5 pixels and start adding details in the eye.


Step 28

Change your brush size to 5 pixels & color #0f1a09 and brush to add more details brush inside pupil. Now we will add some light reflection to the eye to give it natural look. Reduce your brush hardness to 25% and set your brush color to #699e5c and add lights reflection to the eye.


Step 29

Select the sketch brush that you created in this tutorial, set its hardness to 50% and size 3 pixels. Set brush color to #4a422c and add shading to the eyeball to give it depth. Change brush color to #27210e and more details to the eyeball.


Step 30

Now we will add vein in eyeball to give eye more natural look. To add veins select sketch brush of size to one pixels and color to #2e1d0f and paint veins in the eye.

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    1. What are you stuck with? If you're using a mouse, the pen pressure won't work. So you'll need to adjust the brush opacity manually.

  1. Ye bina Pen Tablet ke kaise draw hongi starting lines, Please jaldi batana mujhe ek Digital Painting jaldi banani hai.

  2. WoW! Thanks so much for the tutorial and specially the PSD file. I learnt a lot more than any other tutorial.

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