Create an Amazing CG Illustration of The Incredible Hulk

Create an Amazing CG Illustration of The Incredible Hulk
Create an Amazing CG Illustration of The Incredible Hulk

Step 59

Increase your brush size to 100 pixels and set its hardness to 0%. Change the brush color to #d5c600 & db8c16 and add some more warm colors to the character. Set the blending mode of layer to "color".


Step 60

Now we will add bright lights to the character. Select "sketching" brush that you created in this tutorial and set "opacity jitter" to pen pressure. Change the brush size to 10 pixels & color to #cfddbf and start adding light strokes around the edges of the character.


Step 61

Select a soft brush of color black and hide the lower edges of character. Now select "Spotted -3" brush, change its color to #081f05 and add some texture to the lower side of the character. Group all layers, press Ctrl + E to merge all layers and rename the layer to "Character". Duplicate the character layer, de-saturate the layer and change the blending mode to "Hard light" then change its opacity to 20%.


Step 62 - Adding cut to skin

Now we will add cut & stitches to the character. Select "Cut(Multiply)" brush, change its color to #1d1f11and add cuts to the skin. Select "Stitch(Multiply)" brush to add stitches.


Step 63

Now we will add some blood from stitched cuts. Paint the blood by hard brush of size 10 pixels and color #490707. Select "sketch" brush that you created in this tutorial, change the brush color to #ce9696 and add lights to the blood. Change brush color to #36180e and add shading to the blood. Now add some shadows of blood on the body to give it a natural look. To change the blood color from red to green create a new layer and fill it with color #093900. Right click to the layer and select "Create Clipping Mask" to clip the layer to blood layer and change the layer's blending mode to "color".


Step 64 - Adding color correction

This is the last step of tutorial. Now we will add some color corrections to the hulk so to make our character perfect. Add curves layer with following setting; Input-113, Output-113. Add color balance with following setting; red +5, Green +10, Blue -5.


Step 65

Finally our hulk is complete. Here is the final preview. Enjoy!


Final Results


Download the PSD

Tutorial by Narendra Keshkar

So that was the tutorial explaining some basic fundamentals of digital painting that I learned myself. Since long time I was thinking about writing a tutorial on digital painting as I was missing such tutorial explaining the digital painting process in-depth, but when I completed this painting I decided to share the knowledge I gained while painting this art. You can check my blog to see more interesting articles like this.

- Narendra Keshkar

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    1. What are you stuck with? If you're using a mouse, the pen pressure won't work. So you'll need to adjust the brush opacity manually.

  1. Ye bina Pen Tablet ke kaise draw hongi starting lines, Please jaldi batana mujhe ek Digital Painting jaldi banani hai.

  2. WoW! Thanks so much for the tutorial and specially the PSD file. I learnt a lot more than any other tutorial.

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