Create an Explosive Galaxy Scene in Photoshop

Create an Explosive Galaxy Scene in Photoshop
Create an Explosive Galaxy Scene in Photoshop

After the selection area has been created, simply copy (Ctrl / Cmd + C) and Paste (Ctrl / Cmd + V) it to our work canvas. Then position the image with the transform tool (Ctrl / Cmd + T). Hold Alt + Shift and rasterize like the image below. In Photoshop CC only hold Alt to rasterize all sides together. Blend mode change to Screen with Opacity 15%.

Step 27

Add Adjustment Layer "Curves"

Step 28

In next step open last photo Texture, Go to File > Place and select Texture. Blend mode change to Soft Light with Opacity 65%.

Step 29

Add Adjustment Layer "Curves"

Step 30

Add Adjustment Layer " Gradient Map" Blend mode set to Hue.

Step 31

Add Adjustment Layer "Gradient Map" Default Black/White. Blend mode change to Overlay with Opacity 55%.

Step 32

Now create a new layer and use Smudge tool. Strenght set to 53% and draw lines from the planet upwards to look approximately as in the picture below. Opacity of layer set to 65%.

Step 33

Now add some colors, create a new layer and change blend mode to Color Dodge. Use Brush Tool(B) Soft Round with foreground color #3e75b4 and paint.

Step 34

Add Adjustment Layer "Selective Color"

Step 35

Add Adjustment Layer "Color Fill" Blend mode change to Soft Light with Opacity 50%.

Step 36

Add Adjustment Layer "Curves"

Step 37

When we finished all this, now merge all layers to one. Slecet the last layer and hold CTRL/CMD + SHIFT + ALT + E. Now we have a final layer, right click on mouse and select Convert to Smart Object. Then go to Filter > Camera RAW Filter. At its most basic, the Photoshop Camera Raw filter allows you to use the functions of the ACR interface at any time within Photoshop. This allows you to make any adjustments within ACR at any time during your workflow instead of just limiting its usage to the raw processing stage.While it would be possible to import your working file into Lightroom to make the same sets of adjustments, doing this in Photoshop saves you from that cumbersome step. It allows you the use of these tools without any extra effort.

Step 38

Now in Camera Raw Filter, set the Value: Basic

  • Temp: +6
  • Tint: -9
  • Exposure: -0.20
  • Contrast: +6
  • Highlights: -1
  • Shadows: -15
  • Whites: +2
  • Blacks: -15
  • Texture: +15
  • Clarity: +15
  • Dehaze: -8
  • Vibrance: +5


  • Highlights: +5
  • Lights: +2
  • Darks: -5

HSL Adjustments Hue

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