How to Composite a Ruins Landscape

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  1. Beautiful, creative and acutely enjoy able!

  2. Maidul Islam says:

    Nice illustrations, they make it really easy to scan the post for the important parts.

  3. Ducebax says:

    This was very good tutorial. Yea maybe missing a few steps. But i think its a good thing to make you think sometimes on your own.

    I liked the tutorial very much. Keep it up m8.

    My attempt

  4. Anonymous says:

    awesome picccccccc

  5. Joe says:

    I like the image, but the tutorial is missing a LOT of steps.

  6. kostas says:

    Its a very nice tutorial and a picture..but for the left ruin it was way too few the info you gave about it… cause you copy the one side of the ruin and put it and left side of it ,plus you copy the short wall it had and put it on the right side of it…without those it didnt looked realistic ..

  7. Cameron K says:

    tutorial was sort of hard to follow. I mean, when transforming the “left ruin” layer, did you change the perspective? not very descriptive… Good picture though

  8. SHARON LILY says:


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