Photo Manipulation

Create a Horrific Flesh Eating Movie Poster in Photoshop CS6

ScreenFlow 195

ScreenFlow 196

ScreenFlow 197

Step 14

Continue with all the sections as shown here.

ScreenFlow 198

ScreenFlow 199

Step 15

As we can see the detail within the flesh breaks up the obvious texture look and the detail on the skin merges the edge with the skin, which brings us to the end of this section.

ScreenFlow 200

ScreenFlow 201

6. Bone and rotting skin

Step 1

Lets start this section by adding a bit of bone texture by using this image here; so just make a selection as shown and copy it on to a new layer.

ScreenFlow 202

ScreenFlow 203

Step 2

Make another two duplicates of this piece as shown here but merge them in a single layer as shown.

ScreenFlow 204

ScreenFlow 205

Step 3

Now clip the bone layer to the painting layer and then make a mask for it. Fill the mask with black and select the brush with white so we paint in only where we need the bone texture.

ScreenFlow 206

ScreenFlow 207

Step 4

Then mask in the texture of course just where the bones are.

ScreenFlow 208

ScreenFlow 209

ScreenFlow 210

Step 5

Once we are done with the bones lets continue painting detail to suggest some underlying structures of flesh and cartilage.

ScreenFlow 211

ScreenFlow 212

Step 6

And also messing up the edges so everything is merged better. We must go all over the image adding these detail so take a look at the video for better reference.

ScreenFlow 213

ScreenFlow 214

Step 7

OK once we have refined and detailed our painting, lets bring in this other image to add some nasty rotting effect on the skin. Open it up, bring it on a new layer, then scale and rotate as shown here.

ScreenFlow 215

ScreenFlow 216

Step 8

Make a duplicate of this layer and scale it down as shown here

ScreenFlow 217

Step 9

Now we will do as with the texture of flesh, so grab the clone tool and this time cover the skin next to the flesh as shown here. Yet only for the hand and mouth. Then set the layer mode to multiply.

ScreenFlow 218

ScreenFlow 219

ScreenFlow 220

ScreenFlow 221

Step 10

Then lets adjust the color balance directly as shown here and create a mask for the layer.

ScreenFlow 222

ScreenFlow 223

Step 11

Then use the brush with black and mask off to delimit the texture only closest to the edge, then set the layer mode to multiply and reduce the opacity to 80%

ScreenFlow 224

ScreenFlow 225

ScreenFlow 226

ScreenFlow 227

Step 12

Then lets readjust the color balance a bit more to get this result.

ScreenFlow 228

ScreenFlow 229

Step 13

Now make another duplicate and scale it down; then use the clone tool again to cover the rest of the face as shown.

ScreenFlow 230

ScreenFlow 231

Step 14

Set the layer mode to multiply and adjust the color balance as indicated here.

ScreenFlow 232

ScreenFlow 233

Step 15

Then of course make a mask for the layer and mask of as shown here.

ScreenFlow 234

ScreenFlow 235

Step 16

Lets grab the original piece of skin and warp it a little as shown here.

ScreenFlow 236

ScreenFlow 237

Step 17

Set the layer to multiply and once again use the clone tool to fill up the rest as shown here.

ScreenFlow 238

ScreenFlow 239

Step 18

And as we have done adjust the color balance and use the mask to eliminate most of it.

ScreenFlow 240

ScreenFlow 241

Step 19

And finally grab all these three layers and merge them into one. And the resulting layer set it back to multiply.

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