Make Blend Mode : Multiply Opacity : 55% Go to Filter > Artistic > Cutout. Use these settings:

  • Levels: 3
  • Simplicity: 4
  • Fidelity: 3

Make a layer mask and with the ‘splat of paint’ brush remove most of the girl leaving the head.


Now make a new layer on top with opacity set to 15%. Paint the part over the girls legs pink. This is just to blend it with our background pink.


Here’s the image you should have so far. Move all the 4 “girl layers” + this pink layer into a group “Girl”. Ignore this point if you setup the empty groups in the beginning. This brings us to the end of the Girl element (Pheww~!)


Group – Sparkle

This group will be below Girl group and will have two layers. Sparkle & small Sparkle We could download tons of sparkle brushes from the internet but i thought of making my own. Here’s how. Take a soft round brush of approx. 35-40 px size. Go to Window > Brushes or F5. Apply the settings as given below.


Now for the large sparkles, use it either free hand around the girl or make a path with the Pen tool and creating a stroke. To create a stroke, Right click on the path in the Paths palette (Window > Paths) then choose Stroke Path. In the Stroke Path window, choose Brush. For the smaller sparkles. Just reduce the size and apply it .


Group – Butterfly

This group is the simplest. Just get some butterfly brushes from the net. The reason it has 3 layers is that i have made just one butterfly per layer so that i can adjust size and placement without affecting the others.


Sometimes the butterfly produced with a single click is very faint in some brushes – there I’d advice to click several times to make it prominent. Additionally you could create fine ‘trails'(technique explained in next group) behind the butterflies as detailing , though I haven’t. Group the three layers and place it above the Girl Group.

Group – City Skyline

This group is above Butterfly and contains basically 2 layers. The upper Skyline & below it Skyline Glow. Just extract the skyline from the image onto the canvas and place it in that group. Make Create a new layer above it. Ctrl+Click on thumbnail of skyline to get its shape. Now with the Rectangular Marquee Tool (M) set to “Intersect with selection” select about 3/4 of the skyline from the right and paint it black. Apply the following settings

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