Group – Girl

Using a soft round brush on the layer mask of the girl, remove the part of the hair where the background is showing. Also move it at places where the edge is too rough. Now we have one complete image. Good.


Now here’s the tricky part. Duplicate this and hide the duplicated. Select the original “girl” layer for applying the displacement map. Go to Filter > Distort > Displace.


There apply the following settings.

  • Horizontal Scale 40
  • Vertical Scale 40
  • Stretch To Fit
  • Repeat Around Edges

Click ok and select the displacement file. Name this layer “displaced” then change the blend mode to Lighten.


Choose Layer > Layer Style > Drop Shadow. In the layer style select Drop Shadow with the following settings.


Group – Girl – Continues

In the Girl Group , we have 2 layers 1. “displaced” girl 2. hidden copy of the original girl. If you don’t have this then go back and recheck. No point going further and later cribbing that you couldn’t get the output. Unhide this copied layer,name it ‘overlay’ and make another copy. Hide this ‘another copy’ for now. So far so good? Select ‘overlay’. Ctrl+Click on thumbnail of ‘displaced’ girl then click on the button at the bottom saying ‘add vector mask’. Now with the splatter brush remove some of the hair and with a soft brush, some of the arms. Change the blending mode to Overlay and set opacity to 50%.


Now in the Girl Group we have 3 layers 1.’displaced’ girl. 2.’overlay’ girl 3.hidden copy of original girl. Unhide this hidden copy name it ‘smoothing’ and make another copy. Hide the ‘another copy’ for now. This 3rd girl layer is just to smooth things up. Change the opacity to 50%, add a vector mask and paint it black so everything’s hidden. Now with a soft white brush paint over the layer mask to reveal certain parts as shown below.


Now in the Girl Group we have 4 layers 1.’displaced’ girl. 2.’overlay’ girl 3.’smoothing’ girl 4.hidden copy of original girl. Unhide this hidden copy, name it ‘cutout’ and do not make any more copies :D ( Yeah, i know, thank god) Move it to the right side of the canvas and enlarge it such that the head occupies a significant position .

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    This is so cheesy and 2000s teenager vibe

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    wow awesome tutorial..
    very nice explanation ….

  3. GlowingSnow85 Avatar

    I Love this technique

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