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Enhance dull photos soft contrast. This Photoshop effect enhances contrast and saturation.

Apply the Soft Contrast Effect

The soft contrast Photoshop effect is easy and quick. Follow the steps below to apply the soft contrast effect.

Step 1

Open a photo you would like to edit. Or, you may use the photo used in this tutorial (from iStockPhoto).

Image from iStockPhoto

Step 2

Duplicate the layer (Layer> Duplicate Layer or Ctrl+J) and change the blending mode of the new layer to Overlay.

Duplicated layer with blending mode set to Overlay.

Step 3

Activate the top layer and apply a Gaussian Blur filter (Filter> Blur> Gaussian Blur).

Ensure that the Preview checkbox is checked and adjust the radius to achieve your desired effect.

Without blurred Overlay layer vs blurred Overlay layer