Interview with Creative Designer and Art Director James Oconnell
Interview with Creative Designer and Art Director James Oconnell

Welcome to the interview of UK based designer and art director James Oconnell. Share in his experience as a designer and illustrator in his impressive body of works and his freelance works for global clients. James has a diverse and inspiring collection of portfolio and history of projects. I'm glad to be able to share […]

Interview with Character Designer and Illustrator Barbara Dziadosz

Today we are joined by designer and illustrator Barbara Dziadosz. Over the years, she has specialized in character design and printmaking. When I first saw her work I immediately felt an attachment to it. There's a certain kind of charm and comfort in the illustrations that coupled with her screen printing technique create a nostalgic […]

Interview with Illustrator Nikki Radan

Nikki Radan is a self taught illustrator from the Philippines. Her artworks usually focus on surreal and dreamy looking subjects. She does traditional illustrations using pencils, ballpoint pens, colored pencils, watercolors, makeup, coffee and pretty much whatever there is that she can utilize to make an artwork - mixed media. She dreamed of becoming a children's book illustrator someday. In […]

Interview with Graphic Designer Kinga Longa

Kinga Longa is a freelance graphic designer for about 4 years. She have studied IT at a technical university but she gave it up for her passion which is graphic design. Lets get to know her more and her passion in graphic design as in this feature!

Interview with Graphic Designer Osman Taner Küçükgenç

Osman Taner Küçükgenç is a graphic designer from Istanbul, Turkey. He has been into graphic design for 18 years and has expanded his knowledge on other areas such as illustration, t-shirt design, etching, photography and video art. In this feature, you will be witnessing how phenomenal his works are. Enjoy!

Interview with Graphic Designer Paolo Todde

Paolo is an Italian graphic designer who is passionate about clean, meticulous, creative, unique, communicative visual designs and illustrations. This interview features Paolo's excellent works that will inspire you to doing greater things. How long have you been working within the Graphic Arts? I have been interested in drawing and painting since my early years. Growing up […]