How to Draw a Photorealistic iPhone 4 in Photoshop


Reduce the opacity of the current layer to 43%.


Step 35 – Create a reflection for the upper left area of the bevel

Create a new layer and name it “stroke 9”. Make a path like shown in the image below.


Create a 2 pixel white stroke.


Like before, use the Eraser tool to erase the edges so that the edges fade out. This is what your image should look like.


Step 36 – Create the iPhone home button

Select the “Base” layer then use the Elliptical Marquee tool (M) to create an oval like shown in the image below.


Select the Dodge tool (O) and dodge the right side of the button.


Create a new layer then name it “stroke10”. Right click on the selection then choose Stroke Path. Add a 1 pixel white stroke.


Reduce the opacity of the current layer to 5%.


Step 37 – Create the home button icon

Create a new layer then use the Rounded Rectangle tool (U) to create a white rounded rectangle like shown in the image below.


In the Layers palette (Window > Layers), set the Fill of this layer to 0%. The Fill setting is located underneath the Opacity setting. Now go to Layer > Layer Style > Stroke and apply the settings shown below:

  • Size: 2 px
  • Position Inside
  • Blend Mode: Normal
  • Opacity: 100%
  • Fill Type: Color
  • Color: White


Move the rectangle to the center of the home button then use the Warp tool (Edit > Transform > Warp) to distort it so that it fits into the home button. Reduce the opacity of the current layer to 49%.


Step 38 – Add a shadow

Now we’ll create a shadow for the iPhone. Create a new layer then rename it to “shadow”. Position this layer below the base layer.


Select the Lasso tool (L) and create a selection like shown in the image below. Fill the selected area with black.


Choose Filter > Blur > Motion Blur. Apply the following settings:

  • Angle: 12°
  • Distance: 50 pixels


Choose Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur and set the radius to 4 pixel.


Final Results

final big

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