Photo Manipulation

Create This Surreal Scene of Waterfall Mountains with Adobe Photoshop

Step 33

Now add a Selective Color adjustment layer to it. Here are the results.


Here are the results so far.


Step 34

Place the waterfall 4 image to the main document.


Step 35

Use layer mask to get rid from the hard edges of it.


Change the blend mode of waterfall 4 to soft light. Here are the results.


Step 36

Reduce the saturation of waterfall 4 by adding a Hue/Saturation adjustment layer to it.


Here are the results so far.


Step 37

Add the Eagle image to the main document as shown in the image below.


Step 38

Make a Curves adjustment layer to eagle to increase the brightness of upper parts. Since we’ll create our light source above the eagle that means the upper parts of eagle must be brighter.


Step 39

Now add a Color Balance adjustment layer to eagle to add some color to it.


Step 40

Extract the model form it’s background using selection tool. Then place it over the cliff.


Step 41

Create shadow for the model. To do this, create a new layer (CRTL + ALT + SHIFT + N) under the model layer. Grab the brush tool (B) and set it’s opacity and flow about 30%. Paint some shadows, using soft round black brush, where the foot of model contact the cliff layer as indicated by the arrows.


Step 42

Create a new layer again below the model layer and create some cast shadows as indicated by arrows (use the same brush setting in previous step).


Here are the overall results along with model shadow.


Step 43

We have done with model shadows and it’s time to adjust it using adjustment layers. So first reduce the saturation of model little bit using Hue/Saturation adjustment layer.


Step 44

Make a Curves adjustment layer to model to add yellow tones to it. You can see that I’ve used Blue channel to add yellow color tones.


Step 45

Again add a Curves adjustment layer to increase the highlights.


Step 46

At last use Color Balance balance adjustment layer for model.


Step 47

If you zoom into model then you may notice that there are still blue color on model. I don’t want this color as we’ve already selected our primary color orange for the scene. We need to remove it and so create a new layer and then change your foreground color to #c69042. Activate the brush tool and then paint some lights on model with opacity about 30%. Remember this step is for those who are still getting blue color on model dress, if not then feel free to skip it.


Step 48

We are done with all the thing but not with light effects. From this step we’ll create light effects for the scene. Create a new layer and name it ‘Light 1’. Change your foreground color to #7a5d34 and grab the brush tool. Set it’s opacity about 30% and then paint some light over the mountains.


Change the blend mode to soft light and reduce the opacity to 68%. Here are the results.


Step 49

Create another layer and name it ‘Light 2’. Using the same color paint a big stroke ( use brush size around 2300 pixels and use half of brush with 100% opacity) at the left top corner of the scene.


Change the blend mode to Linear Dodge and reduce the opacity to 51% (reducing the opacity depends on you as how much light you want to add). Here are results and you can see we are adding the light effects to the scene.


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