How to Create an Amazing Apocalyptic Photo Manipulation in Photoshop

How to Create an Amazing Apocalyptic Photo Manipulation in Photoshop

Step 13 - Adding the Woman

Download the picture of the woman and drag it into the manipulation. Resize it if necessary. Name the layer WOMAN and place it on top of your layers. Change the color balance and contrast of the woman to fit to the image properly. First increase the contrast of the woman a little. To do this, add a new adjustment layer Gradient Map above WOMAN, and choose Black, White gradient and press OK. Create a clipping mask from that layer. Then change the Blending Mode from Normal to Luminosity. Make the woman a bit darker. Add adjustment layer Levels and set the Input Levels on 0; 0,78; 255. Press OK and create a clipping mask. De-saturate the woman to match the rest of the image. Add an adjustment layer Hue/Saturation and set the value Saturation to -20. Press OK and create another clipping mask. You can see how the adjustment layers affect the woman in the image below.

Step 14 - Changing Lights and Shadows on the Woman

The render of the woman was made to fit the overall light scene of the manipulation, but it would be better to make the contrast between light and shadow even greater. Add a new layer on top of the layers. Select the Gradient Tool (G) and fill the layer with solid #808080 grey color. Change the Blending Mode of the layer to Overlay. Select the Brush Tool (B) and pick a white color, lower the opacity of the brush to about 15% and start painting over the areas of woman’s body where the light should be lighter. Once you’re satisfied with the result, select the black color and paint gently over the shadows.

Step 15 - Adding Shadows under the Feet

In the picture above you’ll see that the woman doesn’t look like she is on the plain, but more like she is levitating over it. To fix this add shadow under her feet. Create a new layer under WOMAN and name it FEET SHADOW. Select the Brush Tool (B), pick a black color, and set the opacity to 0%. Now paint a thin shadow just under her feet. Below, I used a white layer underneath so you can see what to paint better.

Step 16 - Adding the Rope

Add the rope the woman leads the elephant with. Create a new layer on the top of your layers and name it ROPE. Select the Line Tool (U) and pick a dark brown color. Set the Weight as wide as you want the rope to be. This depends on the size of the picture you’re working on. Once you find the proper weight paint a vertical line. Now go to Filter > Distort > Shear and set the filter as shown below.
Press OK. Press Ctrl + T and rotate the rope so it looks like the woman has it in her hand and it’s tied to the elephant’s belt. Duplicate the layer and place it a little higher to make it look like it’s in the background. Then add a vector mask to this layer and paint over the parts of the rope that are supposed to be behind the elephant with a black brush.

Step 17 - Adding Birds

Download the picture of the birds. Select some of them and drag them into the manipulation. Place them similar to as they are shown in the preview picture. Ravens that are farther in the background should be smaller and lighter. To make them smaller, press Ctrl + T and resize them. To make them lighter, press Ctrl + L to activate Levels Color Adjustment and lighten them a bit (you don’t need to use an adjustment layer because it won’t affect the image very much).

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