How to Create a Psychedelic Tiger Illustration in Photoshop

How to Create a Psychedelic Tiger Illustration in Photoshop
How to Create a Psychedelic Tiger Illustration in Photoshop

Step 9

In this step we are going to apply all the dripping effect that give a melting look to the image.To achieve this effect first we need to apply some different presets to our brush.Select a round large brush and under the Brushes presets,check the Shape Dynamics (Make sure again to have the control set to "Pen pressure").


Now check the "Color dynamics" box and apply the next values:


Do the same with the "Transfer" option:


Select the original shade of green (#62e121) as your foreground color and white as your background color.The variation of the size and the color will now be ruled by the pen pressure.This means the harder you press while doing your stroke,will make it bigger and it will also paint with a greener hue,if you press lightly as you stroke,then it will be smaller and the color will be lighter.


Paint on a new layer that should be on top of all the tiger face detail layers and while holding SHIFT,stroke starting on the lower part of the face towards the bottom,pressing hard on the starting point and releasing it at the end.


Change the size of the brush as you add more detail on the drips.Decrease it until you have very fine lines running across the dripping paint effect.


If you used multiple layers to do this step,merge them at this point.Drag the paper texture to your document and place it over the Dripping paint effect we just did.Change this layer blending mode to "Overlay" and clip mask it.


Add more drip details around the snout and the nose.Use a small round brush this time and a Dark blue shade as your foreground color and black as your background color.


Step 10

Load the brush set of Ink and Bleach splatters (Or a similar one you have).Create a new layer behind the tiger and paint a couple of shapes around the head.


Once you have something nice,Duplicate the layer and flip it horizontally.Center both layers around the head.


Now we are going to paint some dripping effects on the stains.Use the same settings as the step before on your brush but now set its opacity to about 30%.I used a dark blue as my foreground color and a lighter shade as my background color.

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  1. Half the files are not available anymore and one you have to purchase. If the tutorial is out of date, then remove it. Frustrating!

    1. Sorry for the broken links JRitchie! As you probably know, free resources typically become unavailable over time. You're welcome to let us know in the comments if you would like us to update them.

      We try to make everything free, from the tutorial to the resources. Regarding the brushes, it's actually free. You'll need to create an account but the download is free.

      I know it's frustrating that free resources are a hassle to deal with, and that's the tradeoff with free vs paid resources. I'm sure you will be grateful for the free content so many people have put out there for you.

  2. Es ist sehr schwierig, solche Linien ohne Zeichentablett nur mit der Maus zu malen,
    das Tutorial ist total klasse und auch für mich als Noch-Anfänger super, nachzubauen.

    Danke vielmals !!!

  3. Sir, Please specify the setting for the shape dynamics as brush set darker in the middle and fade in the first and last corner, please also specify setting for shape dynamic of brush tool at the time of creating dripping effect.


  4. I used this tutorial for a class assignment.
    came out great!!
    I had a hard time with the dripping effect, but played around with some brushes till I got something realistic!

    Thanks so much!

  5. WOA! This is the stuff client are willing to pay for! Awesome and inspiring! One of the best tutorials out there on this site! Thanks for sharing!

  6. very very well written tutorial! it's not confusing at all... basic photoshop knowledge is required though.
    learnt new techniques..thank you for taking the time to make this !

    1. its been 11 years since you commented this, think back. did you waste themj

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