You need to do more or less the same with all other images provided. Remember, to extract them carefully from the background. The result should look something like this:


Step 15

Now let’s focus on flowers, butterflies and other stuff. The fastest way to create a digital work out of many small elements is to prepare yourself, finding stock images that ale already with alpha channel (transparent background) – for example those in PNG, TGA or already PSD format. If you’ve got a file in PSD, for “examplegiant_ivy” and “aspidistra” by WammyP, you can just copy the layers to your destination document (ctrl/cmd + a then ctrl/cmd + c on the desired layer in source document, then ctrl + v in our work). Create two groups in your layer manager. One that will contain flowers that’ll be behind the letters, which should be created below the text, and the second one above for the stuff in the front. Paste each flowers etc on one of those depending whether you want them to be in front of or behind the grassy text.


Now let’s add more flowers and leafs. Open Flower_pack_by_Aliedda.psd and copy/paste layers with the flowers into our main document. I’d especially suggest you to use the tulip.


Step 16

In this work more flower means better effect, so now we are going to add “flower_pack.psd” by monika-es-stock. Every flower is on a separated layer, so we just need to copy and paste it to our work.


And now it’s time for “stock9 – yellow flower ” by pralinkova-princezna. In this one, we have to extract it from the background. In this case we can just use quick selection. When we have it in our work, you now need to put it into the right place. When it’s ready, duplicate the layer and resize it. Now from we have two flowers out of one. J


And now the gorgeous butterflies. Open butterflystock.png. Extract each insect from the source document simply select them using Lasso Tool and then do the same as you did with the others. In one of them it’ll be great to use Layer mask to make it look like it sits inside one of our flowers.

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  1. Brad Avatar

    While I appreciate this tutorial, I would have appreciated a heads-up about the amount of time it takes to mask out the tossed paint remnants. I’m in the third hour of doing that and I don’t see it finishing up very quickly. Well, I guess you get what you pay for!

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  5. Manon Avatar

    Voilà ce que ça donne

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