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Create a Surreal Photo Manipulation of a Monk in the Caves

Select all the ropes above the planet layer (Click on the first one, hold Shift and then click on the last one) and drag them to the New Group button (or Ctrl/Cmd+G) to create a new group with them. Name this new group “Ropes in front”.


Do the same thing for the ropes below the planet, but this time name this group “Ropes in the back”.


You can also delete the 3d cube stock we used to build our rope cube because we won’t be needing it anymore. Just click on its layer and drag it to the trash can on the layers panel.


By the end of this step, here’s how your image should be looking like:


And this is how your layers panel should be looking like:


Step 10: Adding more ropes

Ok, so in this step we’re going to continue adding ropes to our project (it will be the last time I promiss). Go to File -> Place and select the rope stock again.


Make 4 copies of this rope layer (Ctrl/Cmd+J or drag it to the New Layer button).


Select all of this ropes by clicking on the first one, holding Shift and clicking on the last one, and create a new group with them (Shortcut: Ctrl/Cmd+G).


Name this new group “Ropes holding the cube” and place it between the Cave layer and the Sky/Clouds/Mountains group.


Open the group that we just created by clicking on the arrow next to it. Then click on the first layer of the group and use the Free Transform Tool (Ctrl/Cmd+T or Edit->Free Transform) to resize, move and rotate the rope.

You don’t have to create a design just like mine if you don’t want to, you can use your imagination. But if you want to put the ropes in the exact same places I did, here’s my step-by-step:


And here’s how my scene turned out in the end:


And how my layers panel is right now:


Step 11: Adding the knots

Let’s put some details into our ropes. Go to File->Place and select the knot stock.


Now get the Quick Selection Tool (Shortcut:W) and try to make a selection around the knot only. Don’t worry if the selection is not perfect, it doesn’t need to be, you can fix it later. Here are some pointers on the Quick Selection Tool:

· Click somewhere in the image to add to the selction

· Hold Alt/Opt and click somewhere in the image to deselect that area


After you made the selection, create a new Layer Mask to that layer by clicking on the third button of the layers panel:


With the knot selected, use the Free Transform Tool Again (Ctrl/Cmd+T or Edit-> Free Transform) to move, resize and rotate the knot to one of the corners of the cube:image160

Here’s how it looks from distance:


Now repeat that process that we’re used with, make 6 copies of this know layer (one for each visible corner of the cube) by dragging this layer to the New Layer button or by pressing Ctrl/Cmd+J six times.


Using the Free Transform Tool (Ctrl/Cmd+T or Edit-> Free Transform) on each of these knot layers, resize, move and rotate them into each corner of the cube, like we’re used to do.


After that, create a new group with all of these knots (holding Shift to select them all and dragging them to the New Group button or by hitting Ctrl/Cmd+G), and name this group Knots.


And we’re done with this step! This is what your image should be looking like right now:


Step 12: More adjustments to the ropes

Let’s add some adjustments to all the ropes that we created. First, click on the Knots group and drag it to the “Ropes in front” group. Just make sure that the knots group stays on the top of the “Ropes in front” group.


Now let’s add a Curves adjustment layer. Click on the “Create a new fill or adjustment layer” button on the layers panel and select Curves.


Make sure that the curves adjustment layer is above the “Ropes in front” group.


Now remember to clip this adjustment to the group below by clicking on the first button of the Curves properties panel, and then adjust the RGB curve of our adjustment to something like this:


And this is the result:


Now we’re going to copy it two more times like we always do. Select it and drag it to the New Layer buton (or hit Ctrl/Cmd+J).


Take a look at the image below and drag each of these adjustments above one of the other two ropes group.


Remember to click each one of them to the group below by holding Alt/Opt and clicking on the line between the adjustment and the group below.


This is the result we were hoping for:


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