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Create a Surreal Photo Manipulation of a Monk in the Caves

Try to create a good contrast between the dark and light areas, cause that’s what’s going to make this adjustment looks good, don’t be afraid to zoom in in some areas to do some details. Here is what my Lighting layer looks like in normal mode:


And here is the result of it:


Let’s clean our workspace a little bit. Select all the layers we created so far by clicking in the first one, holding Shift, and then clicking on the last one. Then, drag all of them to that little folder in the layers panel, which will create a new group with all of them. You could also select them and use the shortcut Ctrl/Cmd+G. Name this new group Sky/Clouds.


Step 4:Adding the Cave

Before we start creating the cave, let’s paint the area where we want it to be. Create a new layer by clicking in the sixth button in the layers panel, and name it Cave.


Now get the Brush Tool (Shortcut:B), select a soft brush (Hardness 0%), and keep the size around 500px. Now select the black color (Shortcut D) and start painting the contour of the cave around our image. Remember that you don’t have to create a cave exactly like mine, use your creativity!


We are not going to place the image of the cave straight into our canvas, we only need small pieces of the stock image (Little Island) to create our cave, so we’re only going to open it. Go to File -> Open to open the stock in another tab.


Now select the Pen Tool (Shortcut: P) and make a random selection in a random part of the island. Then, right click it and select Make Selection. Leave the Feather Radius at 0px. Here’s one example:


Now hit Ctrl/Cmd+C to copy it, go back to our project, and hit Ctrl/Cmd+V to paste it. Make sure that you’re pasting it above all the other layers.


We’re going to build our cave using these small pieces of the island stock. The first thing you should do after placing a new piece in the project is to drag it to the right place with the Move Tool (Shortcut:V) and create a layer mask for it (we did that a couple of times already).

After that, select the Brush Tool (Shortcut:B), and use black to hide some parts of the piece that you just added. Remember to change the opacity of the brush when painting different parts of this rock, just like that:


Here is the result of the first piece that we added:


We’re going to repeat this process until the cave is complete (I know, it will be a little tedious but bear with me here). So go back to the island stock tab, use the Pen Tool to select another part of it.


Then copy and paste this other piece into our project. If you’re not happy with the piece that you selected, you can try to modify it with the Free Transform Tool. Hit Ctrl/Cmd+T (or go to Edit – > Free Transform) to use the Free Transform Tool. Once you’ve done that, you can use it to rotate, resize or move your image.

· To move the image, just click anywhere inside the rectangle and drag it someplace else

· To rotate the image, click anywhere outside the rectangle and drag it around the image

· To resize the image, click in one of the corners of the rectangle and drag it. To maintain the proportion while doing this, just hold the Shift key during this process.


After some resizing, rotating, and the creation of a layer mask, here’s he result of my second piece of the cave.


Few tips about this process:

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