How to Create a Surreal Scene with an Invisible Man Inside a Mystic Cave

How to Create a Surreal Scene with an Invisible Man Inside a Mystic Cave
Then right click ‘Chain copy’ and ‘Chain copy 2’ and click in ‘Paste Layer Style’. You should have something like this now:
Create a new layer pressing the button in the Layers panel or using the shortcut Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+Alt/Opt+N. Name this new layer ‘Middle Chain’ and place it below the other Chain layers.
With the same type of brush, the same color and opacity, draw the path (Pen Tool shortcut: P) shown below and stroke it (Press A > Right Click the path > Stroke Path) without checking the ‘Simulate Pressure’ box this time.
Like we did before, right click in one of the three chain layers we created before and click in ‘Copy Layer Style’. Right click the Middle Chain layer and select ‘Paste Layer Style’. You should have something like this now:
Now create a new group with the layers ‘Chain’, ‘Chain copy’ and ‘Chain copy 2’. Name this new group ‘Right Chains’.
Create a new group called ‘Left Chains’ and create a new layer inside it called ‘Chain’. Place this new group above the Right Chains group.
We’re going to repeat the exact same steps we did with the chains in the leg of the invisible man, so I’m just going to add all the images of the process and you can follow along.
  • Copy the Layer Style of any of those chains we already did
After I created ‘Chain copy 3’ and ‘Chain copy 4’ I resized them with the Free Transform Tool (Ctrl/Cmd+T) to fit the body of the pedestal right.
And here is what you should have so far:
And the layers:
We’re almost done with the chains. Create another layer (Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+Alt/Opt+N), name it ‘Pedestal Chain’ and place it above the other chain layers.
Now grab the Pen Tool again (Shortcut: P) and draw this path on the pedestal:
Again with the same opacity, color and type of brush, stroke this path by pressing A, right clicking the path and going to ‘Stroke Path’.
Don’t check the ‘Simulate Pressure’ box.
And you should have something like this:
Now erase (Shortcut: E) some areas of this chain to make it look like it’s going around the pedestal (see image below).
The last thing we need to do is copy the layer style we’ve been using in the chains and paste it into the ‘Pedestal Chain’ layer.
And we’re finally done with the chains! If you did everything right you should have something like this now: This is a hard step so take your time in it, repeat over and over again the paths if you need to, until you’re satisfied with the results
As expected, we’re going to clean our workspace a little bit by adding all these chain layers and groups into a new group called Chains.

Step 18: Add some sparks

It’s been a long tutorial but we’re finally starting to enter the final steps. We’re done with adding new images and elements into our image, in this step we’re just going to add some small details. Create a new layer through the shortcut Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+Alt/Opt+N and name it ‘Lightbulb Sparks’. Place it between the ‘Invisible Man’ and the ‘Background’ group.
Before we start, let’s add the layer style we’re going to need. Double click this layer and add an Outter Glow like this:
Now select a simple brush and go to the Brush pannel (if you don’t see it go to Window > Brush). Now add some styles following the images below:

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