How to Create a Surreal Scene with an Invisible Man Inside a Mystic Cave

How to Create a Surreal Scene with an Invisible Man Inside a Mystic Cave
To finish the fishes, select their layer and lower the opacity to around 30%.
Here is how your image should look like with the fishes added:
To clean our workspace, select the Fishes and the Curves adjustment layer and add them to a new group called Fishes (Ctrl/Cmd+G).

Step 9: Add some light effects to the background

Create a new layer by hitting Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + N. In the New Layer window that appeared, change the name of the new layer to ‘Lighting’, the mode to Overlay and check the button to fill the layer with 50% gray.
Place the new layer right below the Cave group (it will affect all the layers below it).
Select the Dodge Tool (Shortcut: O), set Range to Midtones, the Exposure to 30% and start painting this layer.
This is an important and complicated step so here are some tips on how to use the Dodge/Burn Tool:
  • The Dodge Tool will make the place you paint brighter
  • The Burn Tool will make the place you paint darker
  • To quickly change between them hold Alt/Option, this will change the tools as long as you hold the Alt/Option key
  • If you made a mistake and it's too late to undo the changes don't worry, just select the Brush Tool and paint the area of the layer you want to "reset" with gray again (#808080)
And here is some tips on how to do the lighting of this scene:
  • The main idea is to make the bright places brighter, and the dark places darker.
  • Imagine a sun in the middle of the sky and think about how it would affect the fishes
  • Use a really small brush and zoom in closely while dealing the fishes
  • Try to use large brushes in the ocean to make it look more natural
  • Make the left side of the sky darker, and the right side brighter
  • Increase the shadow of the ‘ocean wall’ in the desert
Here is my Lighting layer in the Normal mode, so you can use as reference:
And here is the final result:
Now load the Light Beam Brushes in photoshop. If you don’t know how to do this read the step-by-step below, if you already know how to do this you can skip to the next part.
  • Download the .rar file and unpack it anywhere in your computer
  • Take the .abr you just extracted and move it to your Adobe/Adobe Photoshop(…)/Presets/Brushes folder
  • Go back to photoshop, select the brush tool and right click anywhere in your canvas
  • To select your brush, click in the little arrow in the top right corner and check to see if the brush is on the list
  • If it is, just select it and click in Append
  • If it isn’t, you’ll have to click in ‘Load Brushes’ and search for the brush in your computer. Once you found it, the brushes will be appended to your current list of brushes automatically
After you loaded the Light Beam Brushes in photoshop, create a new layer above the Lighting layer and name it ‘Light Beams’.
Select the brush highlighted in the image below, select the white color, and click on the top center of the image to make some light beams. Resize the brush if needed
Go to Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur and set the radius to 35px.
The result:
Create a new layer to add more light beams just like we did with the other one. Place it above our previous Light Beam layer and also name it ‘Light Beams’.

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