How to Create a Surreal Scene with an Invisible Man Inside a Mystic Cave

How to Create a Surreal Scene with an Invisible Man Inside a Mystic Cave

How to Create a Surreal Scene with an Invisible Man Inside a Mystic Cave

Now add a layer mask to this layer and start painting following the image below. Here are some tips when painting a layer mask:

  • Press B on your keyboard to select the Brush Tool
  • Press D on your keyboard to return the colors of your palette back to Black and White
  • When painting a layer mask, black will hide the layer, and white will reveal it again
  • If you make a mistake while painting a layer mask, you just have to paint the area where you made the mistake with the opposite color again (if you made a mistake while painting with white, paint with black to start over)
  • You can quickly change between your background and foreground color by pressing X
  • To hide a layer mask, hold the Shift key and click on the mask. Do the same thing if you want to reveal it again
  • To view your layer mask hold Alt/Opt and click in the layer mask. Do the same thing to return it to normal

And here is the result:


Step 5: Add the second underwater stock

Open the underwater stock 2, press Ctrl/Cmd+A to select it all, copy (Ctrl/Cmd+C) and paste it(Ctrl/Cmd+V) into our project.


Press Ctrl/Cmd+T to resize and stretch this new underwater stock like we did with the last one.


Like we did with the other underwater image, create a layer mask to this layer and paint (Shortcut to the Brush Tool: B) it following the image below.


Here is the result:


There are some stains in this stock image and we’re going to fix it now. Select the Spot Healing Brush Tool (Shortcut: J) and just start clicking the areas you want to fix.

  • Remember to select the actual image rather than the layer mask before you start

Here is the clean image:


To add the surface of the water, we’re going to go back to the second underwater stock we used and make another selection. Use the Rectangular Marquee Tool (Shortcut: M) to draw this rectangle:


Copy and paste it into our project. Place this layer right below the Cave group and use the Free Transform Tool (Shortcut: Ctrl/Cmd+T) to resize and stretch it.


Here is what your ocean should look like now:


Step 6: Adding the sky

Open the sky stock, select all of it (Ctrl/Cmd+A) and copy and paste it into our project.


Place the sky below all the underwater layers and resize it with the Free Transform Tool (Ctrl/Cmd+T). Remember to hold Shift while doing it.


To finish off, add these four layers to a new group called Ocean+Sky (Ctrl/Cmd+G).


Step 7: Adding some shadows

Create a new layer and place it below our Cave group.


With a hard brush (Shortcut: B), draw a straight line right where the ocean starts after the desert.


Now go to Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur and set the radius to 40px.


Here is the result:


Now that the main shadow is done, select a soft brush (Shortcut: B) and start painting some more shadows in the image (see image below for reference).


Here is my image with the shadow layer done:


Rename this layer to Ocean/Desert Shadow and we’re done.


Step 8: Adding the fishes

Open the fish pack and select them with the Quick Selection Tool (Shortcut: W). We’re going to use three of them, the smaller one (Underwater_(03)) won’t be used.

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