Create a Surreal and Magical Dream Bottle Landscape

Create a Surreal and Magical Dream Bottle Landscape
Desaturate it by applying Hue/Saturation layer, in clipping mask. Change the blend mode to Soft Light – 100%.

Step 73

Duplicate the texture 3 layer again and put it over the bottle’s body like shown below. Again use the Warp tool and tweak its shape to fit the size of the bottle. Apply a layer mask and hide the unwanted parts with a low opacity soft brush. Then create a Hue/saturation layer in clipping mask and use the same values as with the previous layer. Hue: +18, Saturation: - 16, Lightness -27. Alter the blend mode to Soft Light - 100%.

Step 74

Now group all the three texture layers as well as the duplicated layers. Name the group ‘Texture’ and reduce the group’s opacity to 34%. Remember to place this texture group within the bottle layers group.

Step 75

We will now create a scene inside the bottle so open the magical sky stock and select the sky part. Drag it on to your main document above the bottle group and with the transform tool scale its size. Place it on top of the bottle, in clipping mask. Now create a layer mask for it, we will erase the unwanted part of the sky. So load the cloud brushes and select the second brush. Decrease the opacity of the brush to 45% and then carefully mask away the sky to look like this:

Step 76

Create a new group (Cmd/Ctrl+G) above the magical sky name it “Underwater” and change its blend mode to Normal from Pass Through. Open the Underwater stock, drag it onto the main scene, and place it on top of the bottle within the underwater group. Go to Edit > Transform > Distort and arrange it according to the perspective of the bottle. While distorting, hold the Cmd /Ctrl key on your keyboard and press a point on the corner to distort it freely and smoothly. Then using the layer mask, remove the hard edges with a soft brush:

Step 77

Take the underwater stock again and place it on the left side of the bottle. Distort the water as we did in the previous step and then using a layer mask, remove the hard edges with a soft brush.

Step 78

Select both the underwater layers, duplicate it and then merge (Cmd/Ctrl+E) them together. I took only the bottom part of the underwater, so use a layer mask to delete the upper part. Set this layer to Multiply – 29%, to make the water a bit darker.

Step 79

First desaturate the water by applying a Hue/Saturation layer. Hue: -16, Saturation: -48 Then create a Brightness/Contrast layer to reduce the brightness of the bottom section of the water. On its layer mask, brush away the effect from the middle section. Brightness: -66, Contrast: +41 Next, apply a Photo Filter adjustment:

Step 80

Lastly, create a Curves adjustment to darken the water scene:

Step 81

I wanted to add a bit of magical touch inside the bottle scene. Open the starry fractal stock, resize it accordingly with the transform tool and place it on the sky part. Then change it into Screen blend mode. Now load the starlight brushes and select the brush shown in the preset. With a white colour, opacity – 100%, paint some over the sky as well as on the underwater scene.

Step 82

Take the moon stock, go to Edit > Transform > Flip Horizontal and place it on the water scene.

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  1. Awesome tutorial. I always wonder how much patience these guys have to write such a long and detailed article.

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