Create a Surreal and Magical Dream Bottle Landscape

Create a Surreal and Magical Dream Bottle Landscape
Create a Surreal and Magical Dream Bottle Landscape

Pick the brush (B) tool, colour black and hardness- 39%. Opacity and Flow between 21-28%, paint some shadows like this:

Step 55

I found the black line along the center of the bottle very distracting. So picking the Clone Stamp Tool (S), create a new layer above the ‘bottle copy’ layer, in clipping mask and then clone the parts shown in the selection:

Make sure to select the “Current & Below” option when cloning.

Step 56

Make another new layer above the clone tool one and name it lighting. We will now paint some lighting effects on the bottle.

Using a soft brush with opacity -38%, Flow – 41% and varying between these two colours #ebe2ae, # b2a278, paint along the edges of the bottle where light is falling on it.

Change the blend mode to Overlay — 100% Opacity.

Step 57

Create a new layer again (set as clipping mask) and name it ‘lighting 2’. And then with a soft brush, colour #4e796f, paint inside the bottle. Brush opacity and flow should be around 35-40%.

Change the blend mode to Screen-69%.

Step 58

Make another new layer in clipping mask and name it shadows. Using the same brush settings as you did for the previous layer, paint with the same colour #4e796f as shown in the selection:

Change the blend mode to Multiply and reduce the opacity to 63%.

Step 59

Create a new layer again, name it ‘lighting 3’.

I wanted to make the lighting more intense on the bottle so taking a soft brush (opacity & flow 28-30%) and choosing the colour #f1b57a, paint over the part of the bottle indicated by the arrows shown in the image below:

Change the blend mode to Screen – 100%.

Step 60

Now picking the colour #43756c, paint some slight shadows on the bottle. So create a new layer (in clipping mask) above the ‘lighting 3’ one with a soft brush of opacity about 16%, paint over the selected part of the bottle as shown below:

Then change its blend mode to Multiply – 100%.

Step 61

Create a Curves adjustment layer to darken some part of the bottle. On this layer mask, use a soft black brush to erase around the areas selected:

Step 62

Create another Curves layer this one for brightening the bottle. Fill its layer mask with black and with a soft brush (foreground colour set to white), reveal back the effect of the Curves layer around the parts of the bottle indicated by the selection below:

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  1. I have to say, this may be long but it is the most complete tutorial I have ever seen and I have been looking at tutorials for 20 years. Thank you for the assets, your time and your expertise. It's wonderful. Don't worry about people with short attention spans! XOX

  2. I try but as a French speaker, it is realy hard and I couldn’t find some translation…
    Thanks anyway.
    Françoise Labio

  3. Awesome tutorial. I always wonder how much patience these guys have to write such a long and detailed article.

  4. It means that the .exe file is missing. Sometimes it happens because you have had a previous version of it and accidentally deleted it. But maybe you are installing it from a CD-ROM and it doesn't have the file or it is located in another folder. Try to open the folder ahead i.e.: C:users-AppDataLocalAdobeOOBEPDAppDECore and see if there is any exe file. Another reason could be the path's name.

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