Create a Surreal and Magical Dream Bottle Landscape

Create a Surreal and Magical Dream Bottle Landscape
Create a Surreal and Magical Dream Bottle Landscape

Change the blend mode to Color – 100%:

We will now apply an Inner Glow and Outer Glow layer style to the bottom moon.

Step 84

Create a Brightness/Contrast layer, in clipping mask to darken the part of the moon where it meets with the water split. On this layer mask, use a soft black brush to erase around the lower part of moon area to keep the brightness there.

I used a Photo Filter adjustment, in clipping mask as well to add blue colour. Uncheck ‘Preserve Luminosity’:

Step 85

Then apply Inner Glow and Outer Glow layer styles to the top moon layer as well.

I wanted to add a small splash over the top moon where it meets with the water line to give it a realistic touch. So load your water splash brushes and select ‘water 05’ brush. Using the colour #d3e2e2, paint some splash as shown below:

Group all of the moon layers as well as the water splash layer and name the group “Moon”.

Step 86

Make a new layer on the top (above the moon group). Change the brush to the cloud ones. I used number 786 & 854, color white to paint some clouds inside the bottle scene:

Then apply Bevel & Emboss and Gradient Overlay layer style effects:

Step 87

We will now paint some lighting for the water reflection falling on the ground.

Go down to the bottle group and create two new layers below the first bottle layer (the one on multiply mode) but above the Shadow layer.

On the first layer, taking a soft brush of 100% opacity, paint some reflection under the bottle and on the ground near it with colour #277ca7.

Change the blending mode to Overlay – 39%

Then on the second layer, paint soft colour of #a9e2ff on the ground where the light of the water should be falling.

Change the blend mode to Overlay – 100%.

Step 88

To make it seem realistic that the scene is actually inside the bottle, select all the bottle layers shown below, duplicate it and bring them to the top of all the layers.

Merge them all together and name it ‘Bottle copy’.

Now go to Filter > Distort > Glass and apply the glass texture. Then change the mode to Overlay – 50%

Step 89

Open ‘Ivy 1’ and drag it to the scene and with the transform tool, resize it and position it on the mouth of the bottle.

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  1. I have to say, this may be long but it is the most complete tutorial I have ever seen and I have been looking at tutorials for 20 years. Thank you for the assets, your time and your expertise. It's wonderful. Don't worry about people with short attention spans! XOX

  2. I try but as a French speaker, it is realy hard and I couldn’t find some translation…
    Thanks anyway.
    Françoise Labio

  3. Awesome tutorial. I always wonder how much patience these guys have to write such a long and detailed article.

  4. It means that the .exe file is missing. Sometimes it happens because you have had a previous version of it and accidentally deleted it. But maybe you are installing it from a CD-ROM and it doesn't have the file or it is located in another folder. Try to open the folder ahead i.e.: C:users-AppDataLocalAdobeOOBEPDAppDECore and see if there is any exe file. Another reason could be the path's name.

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